A downloadable game

"Coffee." is a sitting simulator about drinking coffee.


WASD to move 

Mouse to look around

E to interact with things (the cursor will flash e with anything interact-able)

Q to quit

R to restart

Install instructions

There are two builds for this game currently, for mac and windows. Install the proper zip file and then simply unzip to find the .app or .exe 


Coffee-mac-1.0.zip 22 MB
Coffee-win-1.0.zip 29 MB


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I LOVE THIS!!! Such a peaceful game. ahhhhhh

Thanks for the nice comments and video, made me laugh a lot.

Since you mentioned it at the start, this was a small three week project done for a university class. You basically found all the "content" there was to the game in case you were wondering, but I intend to add more after taking a break away from it. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it.